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Smallest measurements. 
Greatest progress.

It's here. The future of sensor technology. And surprise, surprise - it's barely bigger than a sugar cube. With the microwave-free quantum magnetometer, we have achieved a real breakthrough: Until recently, highly sensitive methods for measuring magnetic fields required very large setups, had high power consumption and used components that either suffered from self-heating or influenced the fields to be measured with eddy currents. These times are history. Our sensor solution is small, cooling-free, cost-effective and nanometer-long more precise than anything known so far - simply sensortal!

Microwave-free, quantum-based magnetic field sensor — immeasurable is only the potential

Departure! Beyond the limits of the measurable to the quantum of unlimited possibilities: Physical quantities such as temperature, speed, electric and magnetic fields as well as positions are determined here with an accuracy never before realized. In order to advance into this dimension, our sensor is based on the highly complex laws and processes of the aforementioned quantum technology. The special feature: The measuring method is designed in such a way that the sensor does not require the use of microwaves. This, its extreme detection sensitivity and the wide detection range predestine it for a variety of applications. Especially for those, for which there were no functional measurement solutions until today. Mind you, "there were", because we are currently working at full speed with industrial companies such as Turck duotec to industrialize the quantum sensor and make it commercially viable.

A thousandth is still a thousand times too inaccurate.

This is how the future works.

High-tech? Our sensor raises the bar - and this is how it works: The sensor system uses the magnetic field-dependent red fluorescence of high-density NV diamonds. The red fluorescence radiation is produced when the diamond is irradiated with green light. The sensor uses the magnetic field dependence of the spin states of the NV centers and the associated change in fluorescence intensity to measure the magnetic flux density - it's more complicated than it sounds. 

Quantity is quality.

The microwave-free, quantum-based magnetic field sensor has numerous advantages. One of them is not obvious, but in the housing: Its compact format makes it super easy and inexpensive to set up. But beware, the dimensions are deceiving: small shell, strong core! Due to the fluorescence signal, our sensor reacts in less than 20 nanoseconds. Furthermore, its surface has the maximum mechanical hardness (10). So it can easily be in direct contact with moving planes - or operate at an enormous working distance, because it also has that in spades. Inside, highly developed and, above all, unproblematic technology lies dormant: Thanks to scalar magnetometry, crystal alignment is not required. This means that sensor element alignment is also easily possible in subsequent series production. Apart from that, neither sensor resets are necessary nor do hysteresis or memory effects occur. We put the icing on the cake with legal usability, because the property rights are entirely ours.

Optimal, because optical.

The purely optical coupling of our sensor element is - literally - the measure of all things. The fact that no microwaves are used results in enormous possibilities and incomparable properties:

  • Galvanic isolation of magnetic field measurement and evaluation electronics with data bus connection (>1kV, important for current measurement in batteries for electric vehicles main drives)
  • No self-heating as with current measurement with bus shunts
  • Chemical inertness of the sensing element when the element is coupled via an optical fiber (placement in electrochemical cells such as batteries).
  • Measurements at very high temperature (up to ~720°C = oxidation limit) and very low temperature (e.g. LN2, LHe temperature)
  • Measurement in contaminated areas (e.g. during medical examinations in radiology)
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We are looking for giants in the nano range.

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Precise and consistent from 80 beats per minute to 380000 Volts.

Whether different temperatures, ionizing radiation or adverse environmental conditions: Almost nothing puts our quantum-based magnetic field sensor in a measurable position. That is why it is particularly well suited for: 

Medical Technology
Mechanical and plant engineering
High Voltage Technology

Strong partners.
Strong products.

Together with Turck duotec GmbH, our competence partner and strategic investor, we are bringing the future of sensor technology into series production. A cooperation made to measure: Turck duotec not only has the necessary know-how in the industrialisation of products, but also brings over thirty years of experience in the production and development of electronic assemblies and sensors as an EMS and E²MS service provider. Together, therefore, we form the perfect unit to develop a quantum magnetic sensor that is commercially viable and puts everything that has gone before in the shade. An absolute win for our customers, as they move into new dimensions - physically as well as economically.